Status Code 403 tonight (08/05)

I am teaching an intro to R class and one of my students just sent me this message:

"I keep getting Status Code 403 and RStudio Cloud keeps telling me that it cannot save my data. Whenever I run any function, R will return the error code to me. It was working fine earlier today."

Is there anything I can do for them? Or is there a problem on the server side and we have to wait for it be fixed?

Try logging out from entirely from rstudio cloud and then logging back in. The logout button is in right side menu under the user profile picture.

They said they logged out and in - I am checking now if they logged out properly (not just left the project/assignment and then got back in).
Another student is reporting the same problem as well.

When this has come up before, it was a server side process that needed to be killed and restarted. It usually seems to be attended to by RStudio personnel who monitor for this issue within 24-48 hours.

If you send along the project IDs that are having the issue, we can take a look. Sometimes these type of problems can happen by exhausting the allowed memory, or possibly by running some code that is causing the IDE to crash.

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They said they logged out completely and back in, last night.
However, everything seems to working okay this morning.

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