Storing User's input after refreshing the app (Editable Datatable)

Hi All,

Our team is developing a shiny app which renders an editable data table. We allow users to input (or change) values in the data table. However we encountered two problems:

  1. Is there a way to store users’ input when we refresh or republish the shiny app? For example, when we refresh the page, we want to keep the input of an certain selectinput (or dropdown menu or whatever html widget) to be the same value which the user edited last time rather than reset them to be the default value. And we created an editable datatable in our app, we also want to store the values users edit in that table rather than resetting to the default table every time we refresh or republish the shiny app.

  2. Is there a way to update an editable datatable without republishing the app? We read in a csv file and render it as an editable datatable in our app. But we need to update this csv file frequently. So we don’t want to republish the app every time we change something in the csv file. Also, since we allow users to edit the datatable, so we are wondering if is possible for us to update the table without republishing the app and in the meantime retain the edited changes users make

I have read through almost all the tutorials according to this issue (things like “persistent storage in shiny”, bookmark feature in shiny, etc). However none of them provides a feasible solution to be able to store users’ input every time we refresh the app.

Can anyone help us on this one? Is what we want to do possible in shiny? If it is, how can we achieve this? Any suggestion will be truly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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