Strange problem with comma function


Had strange issue with comma function to insert comma separate for thousands etc. For some random columns it adds a .0 at the end which still happens to integers, persists when I use digits = 0 as well.

There is no base::comma function, are you referring to a function from some package ?

Sorry its In scales package

Can you please provide an example of such a column as presents you thr issue?
Here is a guide to assist you in how to do so.
FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners

Try passing the argument accuracy = 1 to scales::comma
Here's the relevant help text from ?comma - this might help explain why it will by default sometimes add extra numbers after the decimal point:

accuracy A number to round to. Use (e.g.) 0.01 to show 2 decimal places of precision. If NULL, the default, uses a heuristic that should ensure breaks have the minimum number of digits needed to show the difference between adjacent values.

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