Strong reverse dependency of package soon to be archived by CRAN

I received the following email snippet from CRAN regarding a package I have written:

... package xyz is now scheduled for archival on 2021-06-09,
and archiving this will necessitate also archiving its strong reverse

Package xyz is not named here for anonymity. Evidently, xyz has been returning errors on new R builds prompting CRAN to list it as a package to be archived -- I did not write this package, but it is listed in the Imports field of my package, which I assume is why I received this email. Notice that the email snippet notes that my package will be archived as well if I don't take any action.

I want to keep that package active and don't want it to be archived. I still need package xyz for my package, but not for most functions. Could I simply move package xyz to the Suggests list and submit the new version to CRAN to remove the "Strong Reverse Dependency" issue that triggered this email to avoid CRAN from archiving my package?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide!


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