Subdirectory app "not found" when app in parent directory

This thread seems to detail the same issue, but I can't see a solution in it that works.

I have Shiny serving up apps in subdirectories of /srv/shiny-server/ which I'll denote ~/.
I have a subdirectory called test with no 'files' other than further app subdirs, as follows:
Both these apps work. However when I copy one of the app.R files to parent dir (i.e. ~/test/app.R) the subdirectory apps report "not found". Prior to copying ~/test/ rendered the stock "Index of /test/" page. After the copy the ~/test/app.R runs fine.

Is there a way to resolve this? I'd like to have all three apps running - ~/test/app.R, ~/test/sub1/app.R and ~/test/sub2/app.R but Shiny will only serve either ~/test/app.R or ~/test/subn/app.R.

No permission changes I've tested have any effect on this behaviour.

Assistance much appreciated.

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