Sum of unique values in column.

Hi everyone.

Let's say, I have a column 'Model' and 3 values: Basic, Premium and Lux. How to sum distinct each type of model? I want to group by Model.
I believe I have to use group by, summarise and n_distinct functions, right? but how to use them properly I do not know.

Here are a couple ways to accomplish a distinct sum of each type of model.

Using the approach you described...

d = data.frame(model =c(rep('Basic', 7), rep('Premium', 4), rep('Lux', 11)))

d |>
  group_by(model) |>
  summarise(n = n()) |>


You could also use the count() function to achieve the same result.

count(d, model)
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@scottyd22 thank you for your quick response :pray: :pray: :pray:
i used this code and it worked perfectly

hotel_bookings %>%
group_by(distribution_channel) %>%

Excllent! One thing to note in your example is that when you use count(), you don't even need the group_by() line, thus making it even more succinct.

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