Summary table for multiple variable

I am trying to create a summary table with mean, sd, min, max, standard error of the mean, and CI of multiple variables.
The data set has 63 variables but I only want to summarize 12 (columns 5 to 16 )
I am also renaming the variable.
Below is the code I have written but I get the error below.

Error in select(., variable, mean, sd, min, max) :
unused arguments (variable, mean, sd, min, max)

sumstat <- data %>%
    'I am encouraged to participate during teaching sessions' = SPL_1,
    'The teaching is often stimulating' = SPL_2, 
    'The teachig is student-centered' = SPL_3,
    'The teachig helps to develop my competence' = SPL_4,
    'The teaching is well-focused ' = SPL_5,
    'The teaching helps to develop my confidence' = SPL_6,
    'The teaching time is put to good use' = SPL_7,
    'The teaching over-emphasizes factual learning' = SPL_8,
    'I am clear about the learning objectives of the course' = SPL_9,
    'The teaching encourages me to be an active learner' = SPL_10,
    'Long-term learning is emphasized over short-term learning' = SPL_11,
    'The teaching it too teacher-centered' = SPL_12
    ) %>%
  summarise_each(funs(mean, sd, min, max)) %>%
  gather(key, value, everything()) %>%
  separate(key,into = c("variable", "stat"), sep = "_") %>%
  spread(stat, value) %>%
  select(variable, mean, sd, min, max)%>%
  mutate_each(funs(round(., 1)), -variable)

I have also tried out the code below while trying to figure out where the problem is. It seems I am using the select function wrongly.

domains <- data %>% select(SPL_1, SPL_2)

I get the error below
Error in select(., SPL_1, SPL_2) : unused arguments (SPL_1, SPL_2)

I have figured this out.
I had to unload all packages and upload only a few and it worked.

now the challenge is including standard error of mean and confidence interval in the table.

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