Sys.timezone() on the RStudio hosted on Cloud

Can I clarify about this Sys.timezone()?
On a local RStudio installed in the local PC, it can easily detect the correct System time zone, according to the time zone on that local PC.

However, I have a issue on a Cloud server which is installed with the RStudio.
When we issue the command, Sys.timezone(), it is not detecting the time zone of that local PC which we are accessing that Cloud server? I try changing the time zone on that Cloud server. However, on the RStudio on the Cloud server, issuing Sys.timezone() has no changes. It seems to always get the System time zone from the last Sys.setenv(TZ='Asia/Singapore'). Why is this so?

Also, I would like the RStudio on the Cloud Server to detect that timezone on that local PC which is accessing that RStudio on the Cloud Server. How do I do it?


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