Tables in R markdown

I would like to create a manual table in R markdown, I am aiming to have the final output as follow:

I tried the following code but it did not work:

Authority   | Responsibility                 | Period
:-----      | :----                          | :-----
 MOIWR      |           Text 1               | 2010
   ^^       |           Text 2               | 2011 
   ^^       |           Text 3               | 2012  
   IWC      |           Text 4               | 2013 
   SGB      |           Text 5               | |

could you please help me to figure out how to do that!

Maybe its not possible? If you read the Pandoc specification here:
it states that "cells that span multiple columns or rows of the table are not supported" (see under "multiline_tables").


You could also consider using Table formatting package like gt or flextable. They will allow you some complex layout that writing bare markdown table won't probably allow

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