Take Part in the Shiny Contest 2019

Shiny apps are a great way to communicate your data science insights with striking, dynamic, interactive visualizations and reports. Over the years, we have loved interacting with the Shiny community and loved seeing and sharing all the exciting apps, dashboards, and interactive documents Shiny developers have produced. We also love seeing Shiny developers openly sharing their code and process for building apps so that others can learn from them and improve their apps. In order to encourage more sharing, as well as to recognize the many outstanding ways people work with Shiny, we are happy to announce the first contest to recognize outstanding Shiny applications!

Announcing the 1st Shiny Contest - Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel 2019-01-07 - RStudio Blog
Information on criteria and requirements, links to Shiny muses, awards, and submission instructions.

View all Shiny Contest Submissions at the shiny-contest tag

Deadline for submissions is March 8, 2019.

We will announce winners and their submissions in this blog, RStudio Community, and also on Twitter before March 22, 2019.


Niiice! 've always wanted to learn Shiny, but I've never actually done it. This is the motivation I needed! I'm definitely not going to create an outstanding app, but I'll write at least a "good enough" app! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great idea! My app uses the Google Maps API to get geospatial location information, but I don't want to share my Google API key publicly. What's the best way to publish the app code in RStudio Cloud without sharing the key? The app won't run without a key.



I try to post for the shiny app contest but I can't post due to links and images limitations.

Can you allow me to post with more links and images ?

Thanks you.

You should be good to post links and images now. Thanks for doing the contest!

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Hello. I intend to submit my app next week. I am relatively new to this forum and do not have much prior activity. Can I request permission to post links and images too?

Looks like you're good to go. If anyone has trouble posting links or images, please feel free to contact me at @economicurtis or via community@rstudio.com.

@EconomiCurtis Can you give me the rights, too?

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Just responded to your email, you should be good to go.

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Back in January, we committed to announcing a winner of the 2019 Shiny Contest on Marsh 22.

We were happy to see so many submissions with such quality. This was significantly more than we expected!

And so, are planning to push the winners announcement into next week.

We'll keep you updated. We'll follow up soon.


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If you have a submission that requires credentials, I would recommend including all the necessary instructions for someone else reproducing your app to obtain an API key and where and how they should store it in their home directory so that when they make a copy of your RStudio Cloud space they get the code (but not your API key) but they can recreate your setup for reproducing your app.

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Is the "home" directory the one above the project?