Timezone Display

In reference to this topic: Change the default timezone of shinyapps.io to IST


Is it that hard to make a little option so that at least the display for the usage that I pay for be in my timezone. The actual logs don't have to be in that timezone, just some little slice of code that shows it in my timezone? I mean... I see the option in a lot of places I go. What makes this so place so special? It's honestly motivation to setup my own server for my shinyapps. If that is your intention good job.

Thank you for your feedback. We hear your frustration and are always evaluating the feature request queue for our products and services, including shinyapps.io.

Thanks for your reply. I went ahead and started my own server. The server management company UI lets me see server usage timeline based on my computer's timezone setting automatically. It's also much cheaper for a hobbyist.

If anyone else sees this and wants to give it a shot to start their own server go here: Dean Attali's amazing guide for setting up an RStudio/Shiny server