Tracking changes in RStudio Desktop Preview releases

I live a little dangerously and run the Preview releases of RStudio Desktop. The release notes for a given release (1.2, 1.3, etc.) are comprehensive about the changes between the previous release (1.2 -> 1.3) but don't talk at all about what changes are in the point releases. I've tried to track commits on the rstudio/rstudio GitHub repo, but it doesn't look like the preview releases get tagged there, so it's not practical to determine what changes exist between two different preview builds. Has anyone found a way of tracking what changes are happening in these builds?

There's great stuff in 1.3. I've hit a couple bugs (to be expected) which look to have been addressed in recent releases, but would really love to know what's changing as I pull down a new release (in my case, via homebrew for MacOS).


We don't currently publish release notes for each individual preview. If you want to see what's changed at a commit level you can do that as follows:

First, go to Help/About and note the hash for your current build.

Next, upgrade and do the same for your current build.

Finally, ask Github to compare them by going to the following URL:

This will show you all the change in the code between the two builds.


Thanks, Jonathan! The lack of a more complete change log has long rankled me, but I'll live. :wink:

Is there any listing available of the hashes for previous released preview builds? I'm trying to address where a preview build has been updated and the old hash hasn't been recorded. I don't see the commit hash exposed in the S3 bucket for the binaries, which means it's not possible to do a diff of two versions without reinstalling the old version.

Not the end of the world, but I would love to know what's changed to make my testing more effective!

Yes, it'd be nicer if we had a full changelog for every release!

You can usually find those hashes on our daily build page, but as we're very close to release you'll only see them for RStudio 1.4 right now.

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