Tsibble and autoplot error with tbl_ts

I'm trying to import some data with fredr or ecb packages.

I can load the data, but when I try to use autoplot using tsibble syntax I get:

Objects of type tbl_ts/tbl_df/tbl/data.frame not supported by autoplot.

With any other data I can convert or transform the records to tsibble format and perform analysis.
But with fredr or ecb data, I can't. I can't make a reproducible example because I don't manage very well the tbl_ts or tbl_df data structures.

What can I do?

I ran this:


  mutate(tiempo=lubridate::ymd(obstime, truncated = 2L)) %>%
  tsibble(index=tiempo,key=obsvalue) %>% 

Thanks for your time and interest, community.
Have a nice day.

Load the feasts package to get graphical functions for tsibble objects.

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The error was I didn't load the feasts package, and also, declaring key=obsvalue produced errors.
Thanks, R. Hyndman.

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