Two subchapters with same title leads to the same link?


If I have two chapters (2 RMD files) but within the 2 RMD files, I have sub titles (## something) that are the same. When I knit the book, when I click on the subchapter within the second RMD file, it takes me to the subchapter in the first RMD file.

Is this typical behavior? Do I need to name each subtitle differently? The 2 RMD files have different chapter headings.


which version of the packages do you have ? I remember a similar issue that has been fixed now in dev version

You need to either install previous CRAN version (using remotes::install_version) or install current dev version (using remotes::install_github())

You could also avoid this type of issue by defining manually your header identifier when you have duplicates using this syntax

## Custom title {#custom-title}

## Custom title {#other-custom-title}


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