Unable save new file, import GitHub repo...

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My existing project unable create any file,

  1. Open https://rstudio.cloud/spaces/6096/project/1817132
  2. F12
  3. Hold down Ctrl and click F5
  4. Hold down Ctrl + Shift and click R
## First, run a fetch to update all origin/<branch> refs to latest:

git fetch --all
## Backup your current branch:

git checkout -b backup-master
## Then, you have two options:

git reset --hard origin/master
## OR If you are on some other branch:

git reset --hard origin/<branch_name>

Source : Important : If you have any local changes, they will be lost. With or without --hard option, any local commits that haven't been pushed will be lost.

May I know storage for every single project and anyhing wrong? Looking for assist...


Can you elaborate on what you are seeing? Is there an error being shown?


Unfortunately, it looks like that repository is too big. We allocate 3GB of space for /cloud/projects and the device ran out of space while it was trying to clone that repository.

Right now there isn't a way to configure more storage for a project, but that is something we are considering for a future release. In the meantime, you will need to remove some files from that project if you want to create a project from that url. Sorry about that.


Hi @englianhu!

I'm not exactly sure what you're requesting, but we'd like to help!

We aren't able to remove or expand storage limitations on your projects, as they are fixed. I'd recommend that you 'trash' the new projects you mentioned that have had their storage exhausted (and then empty your trash) if you are experiencing an inability to create new projects based on your free tier limits.

You can read about how space, cpu and memory limits here: https://rstudio.cloud/plans


No, no relation. That is just a coincidence.


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I disabled all private repo in setting, and have just created another new repo but facing problem... https://rstudio.cloud/spaces/6096/project/1820619

Wonder why repo auto became private while i disabled it...


may i know what is the different to tick it since show as private project?

https://rstudio.cloud/spaces/6096/project/49010 (Old project ceated since 2 years ago)

Hi, would you able to release my account from space restriction since I have few projects to do...


By the way, normally how many space limit , CPU speed and RAM per project for both free plan and paid plan ?

I just found that https://wordpress.org provides 3GB limit, are you confirm http://rstudio.cloud became http://wordpress.org which is going to shrink the business?