Unable to access shiny app with the url

We have a shiny app that does not work after deploying using shiny server in private server, but runs fine locally.
Deployment was done in ubuntu server using instructions as mentioned in this site:

We have no error in log file, but we are not able to open shiny url. Even the sample apps are not working.

Have you checked the status of the shiny-server?

sudo systemctl status shiny-server`

Does the logs of the server (not the app) show any errors?


Can you tell us more about your setup?

We have run the status command and shiny-server is running.

There are no errors in the server log also:

We are using ubuntu server. We have used shiny dashboard to build the app and a folder containing app.R along with a .cnf file for MySql connection is saved in /srv/shiny-server/BI_Tool/.

Below changes were done in shiny server config file when the default one didn't work:
run_as :ubuntu :shiny :root;
access_log /var/log/shiny-server/access.log default;

Trying to access the app using: http://:3838/BI_Tool
Or sample app by: http://:3838/sample-apps/hello/

Are you using a local server or a cloud server?

If it's a local server, Are you using a local IP or a public IP? if it is a public IP have you configured port forwarding in your router/model?

If it's a cloud server, Have you opened 3838 port for remote access on the security settings?

It's a cloud server. Port 3838 is open for remote access.

How have you opened the port? from the OS of the instance or from your provider's admin console?

It's from OS of the instance.

That is the problem, you have to use the admin console otherwise is not going to work.

It is now resolved. The problem was with the port.
Thank You!

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