Unable to access to my account !


I have a shiny application deploy on fleborgne.shinyapps.io. When I try to log in to shinyapps.io to manage my application, I enter my email address and password, and then I am asked to enter a new account name but I cannot access to my already existing account name 'fleborgne'.
I don't know what to do ? I have try with all my existing email addresses.


I would expect a message explaining why you are being asked for something additional based on your inputs...
Can you take a screenshot of this 'asking' please ?

I believe that to arrive at the screen you are showing one would have chosen to 'sign up' can you show the screen immediately before this one ?

I am having the same exact problem and cannot access my account. I deploy on zmargulies.shinyapps.io and the apps still work from the account. Did you resolve this issue?