Unable to open any project in the space "Statistics with R - Introduction to Probability and Data"

The Project can not be opened. When i try to open it by clicking on it, this error Message appears:

This Space should be accessible via a Course i am taking to learn R and explore its features.
I don't understand what i'm doing wrong.


The space limit issue is resolved. If you try again, you should be able to access the project.


I got the same problem.

What can I do?

Are you trying to access the same space? The space has opened up capacity. Can you try again?

Yes, I already tried.

And I also deleted all old projects.


That space should have capacity for additional projects. Can you refresh your browser window and try again? Are you seeing the exact same message, or something else?

Hi, the error message doesn't appear anmore - but the loading takes forever. I am waiting over 30 min. and it doesn't open.

Several hours with no hint of progress in loading. I even tried to move the Project to another space and open it there. Moving works, but openeing/accessing does not.

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