Unable to open new project, loading forever.

I'm not able to open a project in RStudio.Cloud either. This is the specific project. When I try to open the project, I see the "Opening Project" message that spins and spins. Per your previous comment, I tried creating a new project and I was successful at that. Please advise! Thanks.

Update (as of Jan 5th at 2:20pm ET. This has been resolved. I don't see a way for me to archive this (sorry!) but the project now opens after about a minute. Not sure if you all did something but thank you! :slight_smile:

Please consider this resolved.

Hi @aqsmith08! Glad to hear things are working again. If your problem has been resolved, you can choose an answer (even your own answer) as the solution. It’s a bit hidden, but here’s how you do it:

Ah, thank you! I see it and will mark your response as the answer for this. :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

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