Unable to proxy Dash app in RStudio Workbench/VS Code

I'm unable to proxy through a Dash app in vscode/rstudio workbench as demonstrated here:

Using VS Code Sessions with RStudio Workbench – RStudio Support

When starting a VS Code session , I do see the error message attached:


I've checked the referenced path "/proc/net/tcp6" but it does not exist (tcp exists, but not tcp6). When I try running my dash app from the integrated terminal, it boots up with no error, but the R tab on the left of RStudio never shows any running apps.

Any help is appreciated to get this fixed or a good workaround. Thanks!

Attaching image of dash app running, but nothing listed in the R panel to the left

As a test we played with permission on /proc/net/tcp, but had no success in getting this to work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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