unable to resolve error -

#i'm a beginner in rstudio community

#my code is as follows : 

datas <- read.csv(file = "SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRES.csv", header = TRUE, sep = ",")

simple_mm <- constructs(
  composite("Course Design", multi_items("CD", 1:7), weights = mode_B),
  composite("Technology", multi_items("T", 1:4), weights = mode_B),
  composite("Digital Literacy", multi_items("DL", 1:5),weights = mode_B),
  composite("Learner's Interaction", multi_items("LI", 1:4), weights = mode_B),
  composite("Learning Satisfaction", multi_items("LS",1:6)))

simple_sm <- relationships(
  paths(from = c("Course Design", "Technology", "Digital Literacy", "Learner's Interaction"),to = "Learning Satisfaction"))

simple_model <- estimate_pls(data = datas,
measurement_model = simple_mm, 
structural_model = simple_sm,
inner_weights = path_weighting,
missing = mean_replacement,
missing_value = "-99")

#error is as follows : 
Error in `[.data.frame`(data, , mm_items) : undefined columns selected

#unable to solve error, please help & advise

Welcome to R!

First thing is you may want to learn how to ask a programming question in a community.

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