Unable to upload an App in shinyapps.io with bioconductor packages

Hello community,

I'm trying to develop a shinny app that uses RBGL and Graph bioconductor packages among others. The problem that I face is that Shinny is not able to install the package from Bioconductor repository. It outputs: Unhandled Exception: Child Task 873781155 failed: Error parsing manifest: Unable to determine package source for Bioconductor package RBGL: Repository must be specified. There are several posts expressing the same issue. For example here: The solution then was to add:

ioc <- local({
  env <- new.env()
  evalq(source("http://bioconductor.org/biocLite.R", local = TRUE), env)

Unfortunately that doesn't look like an option since, from version of R 4.0 outputs Error: With R version 3.5 or greater, install Bioconductor packages using BiocManager; see https://bioconductor.org/install.

A similar problem is described here. But again it's old enought so the solution does not work any more.

Does anyone know how I could publish the app without getting those errors? Any clue or direction where to look will be more than welcome.