Update of R.utils fails



I have been unable to update my R.utils package. The package downloads correctly and appears to compile things correctly, but then it fails with the following message:

Error: package or namespace load failed for 'R.utils':
object 'extract' not found whilst loading namespace 'R.utils'

Running R 3.5.1 on Windows 10, RStudio is up to date.

Any suggestions as to what this error means and how to fix it? Many thanks in advance for any help.

Larry Hunsicker


I just downloaded the R.utils package version 2.7.0 from my local CRAN mirror, and it installed without error (I'm also on Windows 10, R3.5.1, and Rstudio). Did you use CRAN?
If you used the Rstudio "Packages > Install" menu, confirm that you had the "Install dependencies" box checked. R.utils requires R.oo and R.methodsS3.

To get more help you will need to give us more information. Run the following and post the output: