Updating private copies of Assignment after original is updated

I am new to using R Studio Cloud for teaching. I created a full project in Github to share with the class and am updating it throughout the semester. I made it an Assignment so students could save their own copy. When I do a Git pull, my copy updates. But students are not seeing this updated material or any material I enter directly in R Studio Cloud. Is there a way for students to get the new material?

Hi Tom,

The assignment feature works more like if you were to print out an assignment and hand it out in class. When a student creates a copy of an assignment, their copy is going to be a snapshot of the assignment at the moment the assignment is copied. That means all future changes made to the base assignment are not reflected in the already existing permanent copies of the assignment that students have made.

From your description, I'm guessing that you have a project you are continually adding new pieces to throughout the semester. If that's the case, then you can either create a new assignment each week as you add on more pieces, or you can have each student fork your GitHub repo and have them make their own projects based on their forked repos so they can pull in the changes.

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