Upgrade: Does not update rversion


I upgraded R and Rstudio since a few months - and noticed a weird behaviour:

Everytime I upgrade R itself, I clean the user packages (libs), since I want to force to re-install them (to match with new R version). However, Rstudio (or even R) create a folder called ~/R/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-library/*VERSION* - so far so good.

After my cleanup and the R upgrade (4.1) (and rstudio reconfig for the R-Binary as well as a server reboot), R re-creates a folder with the OLD (4.0) or even OLDER (3.6) folder. Some users have the 4.1 folder.

That should not harm anyithing but looks strange.

After I manually DELETE the ~/.local/share/rstudio/sessions folder, all is working as expected. I noticed, that some "old" active sessions have a file called r-version in it. It contains the OLD R vcersion then.

Is this file important whne it comes to packages installation path?

The doc states:

If you perform an upgrade of RStudio Workbench using a package manager binary 
the upgrade process will also ensure that active sessions are immediately migrated to the new version. 

Seems, if my theory is correct, that this r-version-file is not re-generated.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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