Upload option is showing in the new version R 3.6.2 for Windows

Can someone please answer me?????

I just installed R in my system and I do not see the upload option in it (Rest everything is good).
It is the new version "R 3.6.2 for Windows". Is that a setting issue? Please help. I am able work with all coding and everything. Only upload not working. Please help.

I think you are a little bit confused, if you are talking about R GUI or RStudio Desktop they don't come with any "upload" button because they run in your machine and have access to your local file system so no need for an "upload" button, maybe you have seen one on RStudio Cloud or in RStudio Server because in those versions RStudio is executed in a server not in your local machine so you have to "upload" files to the server in order to use them,

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