use linear regression model to output new variable to a data set

Hi, Im very new to R and trying to use it to create a linear regression model based on some historic data, I then want to use this model to attribute a pass or fail outcome to a new data set.

Historic data set:

Variable1, Variable2, Variable3, Variable4, Variable5, Variable6,Outcome

Future data set:

Variable1, Variable2, Variable3, Variable4, Variable5, Variable6

i cant find out how to use the the model that i have created based on the historic data to apply the outcome category to the future data set. I want to add this as a new column to the future data set.

the reason i need to apply outocmes to each of the rows of data in the future data set is that i need to use that outcome to filter and then further investigate.

any help that anyone could provide or point me in the right direction would be appreciated.


my model code is:

fModel = glm(Outcome + Variable2 + Variable3, data = ADataSet, family=binomial)

You could use augment() from broom.

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I didn't understand what you were trying to do.

To use glm, create a model, and predict new_data, you can use the following

clf_data <- iris %>% 
  filter(Species != "versicolor")%>%
  mutate(not_setosa_tf = Species!="setosa",
         not_setosa = as.numeric(not_setosa_tf))

model_glm <- glm(not_setosa ~ Petal.Width , data=clf_data, family = binomial("logit"))

new_data <- tibble(Petal.Width = seq(0,2.5,0.01))
new_data$pred <- predict(model, list(Petal.Width = new_data$Petal.Width), type="response")
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