Use shiny sever for public Web site

Sorry to ask a fairly basic question but I can't find a clear answer on the RStudio website.
We have several shinyApps (about 4) that work correctly locally, now we have to publish them on a public website, with an estimated number of visits of about 100 concurrent users, the question is, can we use Shiny Server Open source?
If not, which is the correct way to do this? Is Rstudio the Right tool?


That is indeed a use case for Shiny Server Open Source, had you come across any material that placed that in doubt for you?
Here is the key link Download Shiny Server - RStudio

thanks for your quick response, yes, testing we found some problems after 20 users, even the server (CPU, RAM, etc.) was ok the shinyapp where disconnected form R a no new user can load the page.


Very useful, I think R is more for analysis and testing, but not an easy /cheap way to publish data visualization


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Have you profiled your app to understand its per user memory requirements ?
but I understand now that your issue relates to scaling to demand of 20+ concurrent users.
Here is a good article to read I think