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In light of the new GDPR regulations, gathering personal information is highly regulated. An IP address is now considered sensitive and collecting this requires approval in some countries. Is it possible to use on a free plan to conduct a survey, without the IP address being saved (as in not saved at all, anywhere, among the info collected)?

See the web page RStudio and the GDPR - What You Need to Know.

The short answer is that the IP address of requests is written to log files and stored for a period of time before deletion. There is also a process for responding to requests to be forgotten.

Hope that helps. Feel free to follow up with for further questions about GDPR compliance.

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Thank you for the answer and the link.

Good to see that Rstudio adheres to the GDPR and take privacy issues seriously! It is unfortunate that IP addresses are collected - like most other online survey tools do as well - but I guess this may change as the GDPR perhaps gives online tools with no IP-tracking an competitive advantage?

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