usethis::use_template() and directories

As TJ Mahr pointed out to me recently, use_template() could be handy for solving However, use_template() appears to focus on individual template files, whereas needs a slightly more complicated directory structure.

├── packages.R
├── functions.R
└── plan.R

The R/ directory appears challenging.

  ref = "372ceeea974d22aef24395f04155ca512c078792",
  lib = "lib",
  quiet = TRUE
#> ✔ Setting active project to '/tmp/RtmpAugJFV/reprex24d36b004e55'
#> ✔ Creating 'R/'
#> ✔ Writing a sentinel file '.here'
#> ● Build robust paths within your project via `here::here()`
#> ● Learn more at
  file.path("templates", "usedrake", "R"),
  package = "drake",
  mustWork = TRUE
#> [1] "/tmp/RtmpAugJFV/reprex24d36b004e55/lib/drake/templates/usedrake/R"
  file.path("usedrake", "R"),
  save_as = "R",
  package = "drake"
#> Error in if (is.null(template) || template == "") {: missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

Created on 2019-03-13 by the reprex package (v0.2.1)

Can the usethis API create an R/ folder at the project root while invoking the same checks and safeguards as use_template()? If not, what should I keep in mind as I implement a safe manual workaround?

If you post to GitHub, would you mind including the issue here as well? (I realize your GH question is more specific, but I think it's still relevant). That way the discussion is less likely to be fragmented/any resolution in the package can be more easily found by someone who comes across the question here. Thanks.

Good idea @mara, thanks for including the link. If I open more GitHub issues on this topic, I will mention them in this thread.

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