Using package babel in R Sweave - Rstudio cloud

Hi, i'm trying to run a document in R sweave and the package babel is not working on r studio cloud. In my my computer, in my r studio offline the package is working. Someone can help me ?

I will put a code example here.

\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} % aceitar acento e caracteres especiais
\usepackage[portuguese]{babel} % elementos em portugues

\title{Latex e R Sweave} % titulo
\author{Marina Amorim} % autor


testing the document and compilation


Hi @m2013034835,

You should try using tinytex as you can install the languages you want within your own directory. Our instances do not have texlive-lang-portuguese installed, which I think is why you are having issues.


Hi, I installed tinytex on my console however, i still can't run on rstudio cloud. This it's the error

Unfortunately the intricacies of R packages are outside my area of expertise. We can provide support for RStudio Cloud, but we can't provide support for configuring and using R packages. :frowning:

Hopefully someone else in the community will have the knowledge you need!

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