using sqldf to join two data frame but result is converting from Int to Logical

Hi, I am doing left join of two data frame using sqldf library. Why instead of field value from right table, I am getting logical value from that field.
I can see that both are dataframe using STR function and the joining field is Region present in both data frame.
The field which I need from right dataframe is Integer data type as shown by STR function.
But after joining I can see that final datfarme has this field as Logical data type.
Why the datatype is changed from Integer to Logical.
Have any one faced such situatuion or I am doing some thing wrong.
Please let me know what I should do for this to correct it.


if you want any help with this you'll need to create a reproducible example (reprex). My guess is that you are likely doing a comparison instead of a join but it's hard to guess.

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