Variable Colour with the if condition


I'm making Rmarkdown raport and I want to add in text some colour for variable that has to depend from the if statement. For instance:
variable name: var
pseudocode: if (var > 1) than print(r var) in green else print('r var') in red.
Raport in html with
green number = var if var > 1 else
red number = var if var <= 1

How do I do that?

Thanks for advice

As there is no colorize feature in markdown, you'll need to generate text that make the colorization depending on your output. See this chapter in the Rmarkdown cookbook:

Example for HTML:

title: "R Notebook"
output: html_document

```{r, include=FALSE}
color_if <- function(var) {
  color <- if (var > 1) "green" else "red"
  sprintf("<span style='color: %s;'>%s</span>", color, var)

A value less than 1 is `r color_if(0.5)`.

A value above 1 is `r color_if(2)`


Thank you very much!

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