Want to write a for loop that calls an API with some conditions to filter out no-existing content

I want to call an Api that gives me all my shop orders. I have a total of 86.000 orders where the ID of the first order is 2 and the ID of the most recent order is 250.000. Orders obviously are not count consecutive, due to some reason i dont know yet, but doesnt matter.

I started a simple script with a for loop where the ID gets updated in every loop, like this:


user = "my_name"
token = "xyz"

y = 0
urls = rep("api.com/orders/", 250000)

for(i in urls){

y = y + 1

url = paste0(i, y)

a = httr::GET(url, authenticate(user, token))
a_content = httr:content(a, as = "text", encoding = "UTF-8")
a_json = jsonlite::fromJSON(a_content, flatten = T)

Problem here is, whenever there is an ID with no order, the loop stops with "{\"success\":false,\"message\":\"Order by id 1 not found\"}" So i somehow have to expand the code with some if else statements, like 'if the id does not match an order proceed to the next order'. Also i want to write all orders into a new list. Any help apprichiated.

you would have a more elegant solution if your code had access to a list of 86000 legitimate order ids... in the absence of that you would use Condition handling as described here
to handle when the inner process fails but you want to continue

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