Webscrapping with Rvest - 'Failure when receiving data from the peer'

Hello guys,
I'm having a hard time on get R to read the content of a webpage in order to import the html tables.
Basically, I'm able to access the site on the navigator, but it seems that, as it takes too long to run, the R returns with the error bellow.
The same error doesn't happen with easier to access pages, like List of highest-grossing films - Wikipedia, for instance.
I'm using Rstudio Server 2022.02.1
I'm eager to try any workaround. Thanks in advance.


content1 <- read_html(url("http://tjj.xinjiang.gov.cn/tjj/zhhvgh/202203/9b5a616b61c54ff0826e6719fd095f20.shtml", "rb"))
#> Warning in url("http://tjj.xinjiang.gov.cn/tjj/zhhvgh/
#> 202203/9b5a616b61c54ff0826e6719fd095f20.shtml", : URL 'http://
#> tjj.xinjiang.gov.cn/tjj/zhhvgh/202203/9b5a616b61c54ff0826e6719fd095f20.shtml':
#> status was 'Failure when receiving data from the peer'
#> Error in url("http://tjj.xinjiang.gov.cn/tjj/zhhvgh/202203/9b5a616b61c54ff0826e6719fd095f20.shtml", : cannot open the connection to 'http://tjj.xinjiang.gov.cn/tjj/zhhvgh/202203/9b5a616b61c54ff0826e6719fd095f20.shtml'`

Have you tried using the verbose option? It might provide more information.

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