What They Forgot to Teach You about R Workshop - rstudio::conf 2020

What They Forgot to Teach You about R Workshop

9:00 AM-5:00 PM
2 Day Workshop

Jenny Bryan
Software Engineer

Jim Hester
Software Engineer

Kara Woo
Sage Bionetworks

This is a two-day hands on workshop designed for experienced R and RStudio users who want to (re)design their R lifestyle. You’ll learn holistic workflows that address the most common sources of friction in data analysis. We’ll work on project-oriented workflows, version control for data science (Git/GitHub!), and how to plan for collaboration, communication, and iteration (incl. RMarkdown).

In terms of your R skills, expect to come away with new knowledge of your R installation, how to maintain it, robust strategies for working with the file system, and ways to use the purrr package for repetitive tasks.

You should take this workshop if:

  1. You’ve been using R for a while and you feel like writing R code is not what’s holding you back the most.
  2. You’ve realized that you have more pressing "meta" problems that no one seems to talk about:
  3. You want to know how to divide your work into projects and scripts, how to expose your work to others, and how to get more connected to the R development scene.

The tidyverse is not an explicit focus of the course (other than the purrr segment) and you can certainly work through the content without it. But you should expect a great deal of tidyverse exposure.

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This post describes pre-workshop setup necessary for the workshop:

What They Forgot to Teach You About R
at rstudio::conf 2020
January 27-28, 2020
Golden Gate Rooms 4-5 (Lobby Level)

It's all about Git + GitHub + RStudio (the pre-workshop setup, that is).

This truly requires your attention before the morning of January 27th. We want to show you how to use Git/GitHub in your life as an R-using data analyst, which means we can't afford to get bogged down in a hot mess of Git installation issues. Let's try to work through them beforehand.

Do what's listed here: https://happygitwithr.com/workshops.html#pre-workshop-set-up

This is the thread to use if you need some help.

If you wonder why we've chosen to include Git/GitHub in this workshop, you might want to read Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about version control?.

Go forth and install Git! :boom: