When select elements with control in selectInput new chrome page is opening, how could I avoid it?




I am using shinydashboard. When I click in a selectInput with the control or shift button more than one option a new chrome page is opening. How could I avoid this interaction?

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Hi Ibon,

Could you please reply with a small reproducible example of your dashboard that opens multiple ? This way I can reproduce exactly what you are seeing.

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Hi Barret,

Thanks for answering. Unfortunately, I can't share the code. I have explained my problem with an image. So each time I select with control button new chrome tab is opening. It happens on the server but not when I try on a local machine.

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It’s likely that it will be hard for anybody to sort out what’s happening without some code. However, there’s no need to share the code for your entire dashboard. What I think @barret was suggesting was making a small example app that exhibits the same problem behavior. We have some more explanation of how to make shiny reproducible examples here: Shiny debugging and reprex guide