Where to provide feedback on rstudio website?

My specific feedback is that there appears to be a problem with the formatting of the RSS feed for blog.rstudio.com.

I could not import into my feed reader and saw there were errors when I validated it using the W3C feed validation service.

But in general, other than a post like this one, I'm not sure were to provide this kind of feedback. If this is the wrong spot please point me to the right place and I'll submit my feedback there.


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Hi Ryan, here is a good spot. Thanks for this feedback and any other you have to give.

We are in a process of updating blog.rstudio.com. Likely combining it, with R Views, the education blog, and possible the MLverse blog (blogs.rstudio.com/ai) into one. RStudio Community will replace disqus for comments.

Sidenote: I personally have a good amount of experience with the issue you're referring to, and am looking forward to the update to resolve them. When articles get pushed from blogs to RStudio News - RStudio Community, I frequently need to manually clean things up our RSS feed reader failed to load correctly due to meta tag issues on the blog page.

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