Which packages have useful pipe operators?

I like magrittr, because `%>% is helpful. Recently I find

  1. %$% is also useful, RStudio Community.
  2. wrapr::%.>%...dot pipe
  3. rebus::%R% for regular expression

Is there any website to describe the useful pipeline or recommendation of pipeline packages for R users?

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I don’t know of any good roundups of different pipe operators that people have invented! Sounds like something somebody ought to write :grin:

If you just want to find out what’s out there, you can try doing an R Site Search for “pipe operator”, which will find all the functions on CRAN with that term in their description (note that most of the results are people re-exporting the magrittr pipe in their packages).

P.S. I suspect this question might draw more attention with a slightly clearer title — when I clicked on it, I thought it might be about building analysis pipelines (multi-step processes chaining together different tools), not pipe operators. You could try editing to something along the lines of “Which packages have useful pipe operators?”.

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Thanks, I think this title is more clear, “Which packages have useful pipe operators?”.


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