Which programming languages/frameworks are the most similar to shiny?

Let's say you've created a shiny app by yourself. You are not a developer, and are not familiar with good coding practices.
Your app is working great, but now, you need help from professional developers to improve your code and to add new functionalities.
The problem is how can you find such developers? R and Shiny are probably not taught in most developer schools. Is there a programming language/framework close enough to Shiny for a developer on this language/framework to quickly adapt?

Shiny translates R code into HTML and JavaScript, so you can ask a professional web programmer to improve your UI but the underlying data manipulations should have to be served from R through an API.

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My best advice would be to hire a developer with some functional programming + JavaScript experience.

Functional programming because reactive expressions are monads.

JavaScript because any non-trivial web application will require it at some point.


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