Why lubridate not included in tidyverse?

I am curious why lubridate is not included in tidyverse. I use lubridate a lot with tidyverse.

lubridate is part of Hadley's tidyverse ecosystem but is not loaded by the tidyverse package, which includes only what he thought were the core components.

If you are going to be doing a lot of date manipulations, you should load it separately library(lubridate); otherwise, if only a few operations require it, it's more memory efficient to call it with lubridate::FUNCTION_NAME(arguments)

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Just FYI, he is on record saying multiple times that it makes him uneasy when people say this (even jokingly) since tidyverse is developed and improved by many people. Some of the packages in tidyverse are not even maintained by Hadley anymore.

So canonical way of saying the same thing is: "lubridate is part of tidyverse ecosystem..." :slight_smile:


Good question, @Peter_Griffin!

I figured someone may have requested this before
and I found https://github.com/tidyverse/tidyverse/issues/157 which might (1) provide some more info and (2) be more directed place to ask this.

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