Why my observations are not match?

> table(link$Q36)

                                                     Annual ($20) 
           Bargain Membership (6 years for the price of 5 @ $100) 
                                                      I am unsure 
                                       Lifetime Membership ($300) 
                                            Not yet retired ($10) 
                                                Out-of-area ($10) 
Out-of-area Bargain Membership (6 years for the price of 5 @ $50) 

I add these 7 numbers together, which gives me 740. But in my R studio, it says I have 782 observations. Why?

Table doesn't show Nas by default. Check the documentation for the NA options

How to show those NAs? I also want to include those NAs in my table.

In general you access documentation by questionmark function name in the console.

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Thanks. I need , useNA = 'always'

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