Why not r via conda?



My office is beginning to expand use of R & is preparing to install R/RStudio on many computers. Since there is a concurrent install of python going on, using the conda distribution, IT wants to know if there's a compelling reason that we shouldn't just have folks use the conda distribution of R/RStudio. My gut on this is no, for package management reasons, but I can't precisely articulate what might go wrong.

Looking for other folks' experiences & recommendations--TIA!


Haven't used it much but when I did there were lots of package version conflicts. I'd be curious to hear how you are going to install these tools on many computers. My initial efforts to combine R and Python resulted in a Docker container: https://github.com/radiant-rstats/docker

I'm hoping that Rstudio will add an option to Rstudio Cloud for python and Jupyter notebook. If this is something you might find interesting add a comment to https://community.rstudio.com/t/equivalent-of-jupyterhub-with-rstudio-cloud


I have no personal experience with using the Anaconda R and RStudio distribution, but I can offer as anecdata some reports of at least one serious problem with anaconda-installed RStudio IDE that have cropped up here. It’s totally murky to me what the source of this problem was (and maybe it wouldn’t have occurred in an IT-managed environment), but it seemed to resolve when people re-installed directly from RStudio-provided downloads.

Also, in at least one instance RStudio folks have remarked here that they don’t support Anaconda installations of the IDE, so I guess you’d be more-on-your-own-than-usual?: