Will renv create a cache if one is using the RENV_PATHS_CACHE environment variable?

I am wondering if renv will only handle creating a package cache directory if it is the default one. I have been able to get the custom cache to work by 1) creating the directory myself, including within the path the the cache version, R version, and platform extensions; and 2) setting the RENV_PATHS_CACHE variable in a .Renviron file in my project's top directory. But I'm wondering if I must create the folder in step (1) myself, or if renv is supposed to create it for me.

I tested not creating it but still using the environment variable, but I found that packages were being symlinked to the default cache location within my home directory.

I can create reprexes if needed, but I'm wondering if someone already has this knowledge. I am using renv version 0.16 in Ubuntu 18.04.

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