Windows tabs rendering with Serif fonts - how can I fix this?



Similar to previously reported issue:

My installation is rendering the application (eg tabs, frames, other windows-style elements) text in a serif font (follow the above link for an example). Or here:

The console formatting is fine.

Any idea how to change this to a cleaner looking font?


What version of RStudio are you using? This sounds like something that should be fixed in the latest preview release.


version is latest from the normal download section - 1.1.463.
What is the preview release - is that like a beta version?


See: (a hyperlink was included in my previous response)


Yeah, I know the link is there, but what does it mean for it to be a "preview" version (as opposed to the presumably current release version at ?
Will I run any increased risk in regards to stability or compatibility?


This is happening to me, too. I'm using Version 1.1.463.

I recently started experimenting with the Preview build, and I have both the Preview and the Stable versions installed in different folders. Perhaps this is what caused the problem? Any advice?