Word Analysis using R studio

I need to compare two string, for example i have data <- c('"Trafik kembali lancar di kedua - dua arah. Selamat memandu","Kemalangan motorsikal di Km 224.8 utara dari Simpang Ampat ke Pedas Linggi. Tiada laluan terhalang.").

i want to make a comparison that says
if there is a word Pedas in data return heavy traffic else return traffic clear

plis help me !!

To clarify, R is the language, and RStudio is just the IDE (see FAQ below for disambiguation). Since this question isn't about the IDE itself, I'm going to move it to #general.

What you're describing sounds like a good use-case for grepl() or a similar string-matching function which:

search for matches to argument pattern within each element of a character vector

str_detect() from the stringr package does ~ the same thing.

The chapter on strings from R for Data Science might be worth looking at.


i have try to run this code but there some error

regexrp("Dari simpang ampat",data[1:5])

the error is 
could not find function "regexrp"

i try to find its library but i could not found it

Hi @akmalirham! The function you're looking for is regexpr() (r after p, not p after r). It's part of the base, so if you have the name right you oughtn't need a package to use it :slight_smile:

ouh thank you so much my mistake

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