XSRF Token Error on long report render

I am deploying an RMarkdown report with a model that takes >3 hours to run, deploying via Jenkins and and the RStudio Connect API with rsconnect and connectapi. We deploy all of our models in this fashion, and all have worked successfully so far. However, this 3+ hour one is now causing an error in the deployment script. After spending a few hours successfully rendering on RSC, the deployment script receives an error back from the API call:

[Connect] 2021/06/16 16:41:19.280031306 label: model
Error: HTTP 401
GET http://*********.com:3939/__api__/tasks/eHTcGfwpHdU13ZVb?first_status=515
We couldn't log you in with the provided credentials. Please ask your RStudio Connect administrator for assistance.
Execution halted

I went to the link and received the following message:

{"code":92,"error":"XSRF token mismatch","payload":null}

Based on this article I assume the error is happening because of how long it takes the report to render. I was wondering if there was a way to change the length of this apparent timeout to handle documents that take a long time to render?