You can help me! I have to Open a .RAR file

I would like to open a file directly from a website. the file is .rar . if i decompress the file, inside there are many other folders, each one with sub folders. They all contain integer values ​​that I should use as a single dataset. how can I open the whole file to make it look like just a single dataset?
I would like to have on R a single file, full of all the values, so that I can preprocess and then study

Information about the DataSet

the dataset contains values ​​obtained after a series of experiments to simulate and study potential falls of patients with some disease

this is the website

this is file .RAR ( it is in "DataFolder)

What have you done so far? What's your specific problem?
Please try to rephrase your question as a reproducible example, if you have never heard of it before, here is how to do it.


What is the tool you use to extract the file on your computer ?

From R, you would surely need several tools. I would

  1. Download the file
  2. extract the RAR to a folder using a third party tool
  3. read the files into R
  4. create the dataset

You can do all that from R or just do 1 and 2 outside and began at 3

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Yes, your solution is excellent and effective. Maybe I explained myself, (sorry for my English), for the project that I have to carry out, I need to write a code that automatically download the file.rar from the Internet and go to extract the necessary values ​​from the file.

I think for that you need to call form R a third party tool that deal with RAR files. Using system2 R base tool or sys or processx :package:

I know R :package: for tar and zip file but not for RAR file

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