About Watch Parties at RStudio Conference

We at RStudio are very excited about rstudio conference in San Francisco this upcoming January 29-30. Featuring two days of content with more than 70 sessions and lightning talks, rstudio::conf will welcome more than 2000 attendees to listen, discuss, and explore what’s possible with R and RStudio.

We understand that many will not be able to attend in person. And though all talks are live-streamed and off-site questions may be posed to speakers, we know folks who don't attend in-person can struggle to feel connected to the content and experience.

Watch Parties offer your local useR, R-Ladies, and Data Science group a novel opportunity to participate without having to trek to San Francisco.

Join this Group - RStudio Conference Watch Party Organizers 2020 for email updates about the Watch Party.

Pre-Game Show - Wed Jan 29, 8:00-9:00 AM Pacific Time -

Conference Live Steams - Find live-streams at rstudio.com/conference.
There will be four live streams for each conference track. All four live-streams will show keynotes and panels.
More information and a few FAQs at RStudio Conference Live Streams Questions

Session Talk Q&A - Ask questions of speakers live during Q&A using sli.do >> #hexagon
(More details to come here, also covered during the pre-game show.)

Watch Party Support - Where can your members ask questions? Sli.do is only for asking question to conference speakers. Should you have a question about anything else conference, ask it in the RStudio Conference 2020 Community Category https://community.rstudio.com/c/rstudio-conf

List of rstudio::conf 2020 watch parties: @benubah, (who created the RUG and R-Ladies community events explorer), was kind enough to collect many of these events.


Will any of the workshops during the training days be recorded and made available online afterwards? Live streams are not always as easy due to different time zones and work obligations etc.

None of the workshops will be live streamed or recorded.

I would like to set up a watch party here at our Laboratory.
Can you offer any advice please? Do we need to register for streaming in advance?
I don't see a link for live-streaming, and I'm reluctant to invite colleagues if I cannot be sure that I'll be able to display the conference stream.
Thank you

This page will be updated with what our plans are for the watch party.

Currently, we are planning a pre-game events from 8-9AM Pacific time. You can access that at https://www.twitch.tv/thomas_mock (any updates will be done above). This relies on Amazon's twitch.tv. So if you'd like to test to ensure this works on your local network and machine, do to twitch.tv and test out a live stream.

In terms of what's covered in that watch party, we'll have a bunch of guests talking about how to make the most of the conference live streams off-site. It's geared towards members of R-UseR Groups and R-Ladies around the world, who might be confused about how to watch RStudio Conference talks, how to ask speakers questions, how to ask general questions (e.g. "I just saw Hadley's talk, what was the name of that package he mentioned?") It's definitely geared towards folks who'd like to have gone to our conference, but couldn't make it. It might not provide much value to folks not keenly interest.

After the watch-party, you'll be directed to rstudio.com/conference, to pick up the Conference Live Stream. It'll show you JJ's first keynote about RStudio, and then the 2nd keynote about Google Brain.


I can't wait to talk to everyone, both during the Pre-Game and at the R4DS Online Learning Community Slack if people want to chat about what's happening!

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Hi Curtis, there's still no sign of the RStudio swag for the London watchparty :frowning:
Is there anyway of tracking the parcel to see where it is?

On Swag Bag Tracking Info - I know several groups have still not received their swag packages yet. I've requested tracking information but still haven't received this. My email address does appear to be listed as the contact for customs and other questions, and so have been helping some packages get cleared. I know distant locations have received their packages (eg Kenya, Australia, and Germany), so I'm confused why a package will not have reached London before those.
Sorry I can't be more helpful but I will definitely follow-up if I have any more information.

Hey Curtis. Will you be posting more details about sli.do here? e.g. the event code?

Hi! We have a watch party organized for both days here at Duke. But our Marine Lab folks are far away and would like to watch the stream separately. Are there limits to how many can stream? Where will we find the four separate streams? Thanks!

Hi Shel - I plan to post details about the sli.do room before the Watch Party pregame. We'll also go over sli.do in the pre-game.
I don't want to share the code publicly since we're still testing and playing around with it. Reach our to me via private message or email if you really need to check sli.do out ahead of time.

Hi Joan, you and your lab are welcome to join. For the pre-game, we are using twitch, which should have no problem supporting you (see Tom's twitch channel above). Once the conference starts, y'all would switch to the live-streams at rstudio.com/conference.

Dear @EconomiCurtis,

You mentioned that there will be four live streams for each conference track in the first post. Could you please explain those tracks and live streams more? I couldn't find which presentations will be on livestream on the conference agenda?

Thanks - we still haven't received anything, so looks like the London watchparty is going to be swagless :frowning: :cry:

Hi @cholyavkin! The conference talks are taking place in four separate rooms, and (as I understand it), each room will have its own livestream.

You can see the room names under each item on the conference schedule: https://event.crowdcompass.com/rstudioconf2020/activities — e.g., "Grand Ballroom A", "Grand Ballroom B", "Imperial Ballroom", and "Plaza Room". I don't know exactly how the livestreams will be labeled when they go live on the rstudio.com/conference site, but hopefully it won't be too difficult to figure out which is which.

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Will the presentations (keynotes) be recorded and available to share after the event?


Dear @jcblum, thank your for clarification.

By the way, our sway bag was detained by customs (Turkey). So, the people who didn't received the bags may check custom offices too.

Could you please explain those tracks and live streams more? I couldn't find which presentations will be on livestream on the conference agenda?

You bet Can Holyavkin. In the conference schedule (rstd.io/app) note that each talk has a room listed. Those rooms will be listed by the four live streams. So you if you see a talk you want to watch is happening in Imperial Ballroom, then that's the live-stream you want to pull up.