About Watch Parties at RStudio Conference

We at RStudio are very excited about rstudio conference in San Francisco this upcoming January 29-30. Featuring two days of content with more than 70 sessions and lightning talks, rstudio::conf will welcome more than 2000 attendees to listen, discuss, and explore what’s possible with R and RStudio.

We understand that many will not be able to attend in person. And though all talks are live-streamed and off-site questions may be posed to speakers, we know folks who don't attend in-person can struggle to feel connected to the content and experience.

Watch Parties offer your local useR, R-Ladies, and Data Science group a novel opportunity to participate without having to trek to San Francisco.

Join this Group - RStudio Conference Watch Party Organizers 2020 for email updates about the Watch Party.

Pre-Game Show - Wed Jan 29, 8:00-9:00 AM Pacific Time - @SamanthaToet hosts a live webinar.
Sign up for the group to ensure you get updates about the how to register for the webinar.

Conference Live Steams - Find live-streams at rstudio.com/conference.
There will be four live streams for each conference track. All four live-streams will show keynotes and panels.

Session Talk Q&A - Ask questions of speakers live during Q&A using sli.do.
(More details to come here, also covered during the pre-game show.)

Watch Party Support - Where can your members ask questions? Sli.do is only for asking question to conference speakers. Should you have a question about anything else conference, ask it in the RStudio Conference 2020 Community Category https://community.rstudio.com/c/rstudio-conf


Is there a list of watch parties anywhere?

Watch parties are an experiment this year, so we (RStudio) didn't advertise them widely. But there are several universities in the US, plus events happening in Edinburgh, London, Berlin, Warsaw, Dusseldorf, Bucharest, Budapest, Istanbul, Nairobi, a few groups in Nigeria, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Montevideo, Rio De Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and Melbourne.

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Will any of the workshops during the training days be recorded and made available online afterwards? Live streams are not always as easy due to different time zones and work obligations etc.

None of the workshops will be live streamed or recorded.

Yes, please find one here: List of rstudio::conf 2020 watch parties: R Calendar