Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error



I am from Novartis. Rstuido users are facing an error Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library in RStudio 1.0.153.

The screenshot of the error is following.

Moreover, users are able to use the package when they are run it as an administrator, otherwise they cannot use it.

Please let us know any resolution for this issue. Many users are not able to use Rstudio because of this.

Piyush Kukreti


What version of Windows is being used?


Hi Gary,

Thanks for replying. So users are who are impacted by this issue are using windows 10.
Most of them recently had a transition to Windows 10.

Do let me know any update from your side. Will wait for your response.

Thanks and regards,
Piyush Kukreti


We've seen a number of issues lately with recent updates to Windows-10. I'm not sure if this is related to that, though.

Have you tried a more recent version of RStudio, such as 1.1.453?


Hi Gary,

We have checked users machines and they all have got some recent updates on their windows 10 machine. So even I believe that updates to windows-10 might be an issue.

Coming to the second point we are in the packaging phase for Rstudio 1.1.442 right now. But it will take some time to get approvals, test it and then make it global and we are looking for an immediate workaround or hotfix as more and more users are coming up with the same issue.

Moreover, I wanted to add one more thing that users are able to use the software package if they run it as an administrator.

Please do let me know if you get some resolution or workaround for this issue.

Piyush Kukreti